A trip to the Island, at Lac de Grossly

RWA_7308In the spring of 2015 I took on another trip to Lac de Grossly for a long weekend of carp fishing.

For me it was the third time I went fishing here and as a result I knew the water a little bit already.

I booked swimm 15 after a successful autumn session in 2014. I had to work 15 runs in 3 days of fishing that weekend. Of course I was hoping this time I would be equally successful and the swimm whirl produce similar activity.

The group that booked swimm 13 did not show up and as such I ws able to fish on swimm 13 as well.

I prepared a rod for fishing the island and prepared the bait boat for a trip to the island. The subsequent recording you will see is a recording of the trip to the island. This has been recorded with a GoPro Hero 3 mounted on my bait boat (Carplounge RT4).

Watch the video here: Youtube: A trip to the island