Fishing the tree line

In may 2015 I was fishing Lac De Grosley swim 15 . I prepared my bait boat for a drop along the tree line on the left of the swim. This is the video of the subsequent recording using my RT4 and GoPro Hero 3.

Youtube: Swimm 15 Along the treeline

The swim: Lac de Grosley, France, swim 15

The swim is a perfect spot to fish along a treeline on the left of the swim. The depth of the swim is around 2,2 meters and there are no substantial differences in depth. Lot’s of times the wind will blow into the swim.

I prepared the swim by baitng 3 kilo’s of my own Pinaple boilies as well as one kilo of tigernuts across a 2 m2 area.

On the spot I was fishing, my Lowrance showed 1,8 meters in depth. I had directed my Rt4 to take the end tackle not too far under the overhaning trees as there are some obstacles to be aware of.

The fishing tactics

The end tackle is a simple rig using a size 6 Gamakatzu specialist, using a small ring swivel fixed on the hook with a piece of tube rubber.

The rig is tied with Korda IQ2, 15 Lbs and the hook using a knotless knot. The material is then steamed over a kettle and slightly curved.

I had fished this rig using an inline setup. This setup I have very good results with, never loose a fish and I do not find myself having to attach a new lead every single time I hook a fish or catch a snag.

In this case I used the boilie I also baited the swim with. I had left the spot alone and did not fish it for 48 hours. The last day I took the end tackle out and after 3 hours my patience was rewarded.
The Catch: large common

In the picture above the large common the swim produced can be seen. It was 46 Lbs in weight and it was clear from it’s rest in the cradle it had very much appreciated my homemade Pinaple boilie.

It is probably one of the largest common carp in the big lake. It was a beatifull fish, had no damages and had a big belly.

It truly was the best common I had ever caught and it also currently is my personal best.

Thanks mate hope to see you in a few years, looking forward to meet you again and see who has grown a bigger belly 😉